ChaloStartUp Video #1: Don’t Stress, StartUp Karo

Have a #dream? Don’t waste it. STARTUP KARO!

Sujit Panigrahi saw China top the medals tally in 2008 Olympics. His passion made him a sports entrepreneur. He was determined to make India a sporty, fit nation
Sujit’s startup Fitness365 ( has taken over sports & physical education at schools, and completely professionalized it. Over 1 lac school kids will get detailed physical fitness report cards this year. His aim is 1 crore children. He has struggled to get here, but his passion is finally tasting success.
I polled 160 founders recently. Passion is main reason why they became entrepreneurs (“Felt restless. Wanted to do something different or big”)
Have a dream? Don’t waste it. STARTUP KARO!

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