Top 4 questions that entrepreneurs ask me

  1. Should I quit my job and do a startup?
  2. This is my idea for a startup. Do you think it's good enough?
  3. Where can I get funding? Can you help?
  4. Do I need partners, or should I do it alone?

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I asked 160 founders this question. The top answers were:

#1 (by far): "Felt restless. Wanted to do something different or big"

#2: "Freedom to be my own boss. Not a corporate slave"

#3: "Self respect & pride"

#4: "Inspired by family or friends"

#5: "To make money"

#6: "Happened by chance"

StartUps create jobs!

Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani! Place your bets on StartUp India for jobs creation.

There is early evidence that early-to-mid-stage startups (& services firms, in general) are the best job creators in India. Large (Nifty50) manufacturing firms lag behind.

Using a simple metric, Jobs per crore of capital deployed (JPCCD), we can see that Startups (bootstrapped, angel-funded & Series-A/B) come on top. The stars create as many as 14 to 40 jobs PCCD (per crore capital deployed). Even the ‘weakest’ one creates 3-4 jobs.



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