Sujit Panigrahi’s long journey

‘चलो StartUp video Ep.1 was released on Dec 6. Several people reached out wanting to know more about #Sujit’s journey. Hence, this post.

#Passion creates #startups. SujitPanigrahi’s passion created 100 jobs with ZERO external investment.

Summary of his long journey:

Part 1) The origin of #passion

He discovered his passion for sports at #NCERT’s multi-purpose demonstration #school in #Bhubaneswar.

“School had playgrounds for everything. Encouraged to play all sports before & after school”

Part 2) ‘Sports’ meets ‘Tech’

As an #IT professional, helped build a TV broadcast & scoring system for #Olympic Games. Then became Tech Head for Commonwealth Games, Delhi #CWG2010. (Among the few upright, honest officials out there!)

Became a believer in ‘SportsTech’

Part 3) A big dose of hard work & cash burn

He did a ton of research on player & ball movement. Ardent believer that “a fitter player is a better player” & “different positions in sports require different fitness components”.

Starting with initial Rs 20 lakhs, has invested Rs1.4 cr till date. On his own. No external investor

Part 4) Then success

12-13+ lakh school kids will get physical fitness report cards this year. #FICCI lists Fitness365 among ‘Top 5 sports companies’. #Sujit is on #CII & FICCI Sports Committees.