Real startups look for real problems to solve. Not fancy apps or tricks

In India, we have hundreds of problems to solve. We have to just look around us!

Deep Bajaj is one of those curious types who does that. He spotted this obvious problem when his mom, wife & other lady friends all encountered dirty public loos. Mom’s arthritis, wife’s pregnancy, and a long car drive with four couples magnified this problem. Dirty loos became his obsession.

So what did Deep do? Just sit back and complain on WhatsApp groups & FB? No!

He created PeeBuddy. A revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets. While traveling for work or leisure. Or for those with medical condition. A simple ‘use & throw’ product. Women can STAND & PEE in all unfriendly toilets

His home was his lab. As Deep says, “I solved a problem for my family, and it solved a problem for others. We try the product first on our family”

Building this as a business wasn’t easy. He got a design patent for his product, and went to market. Initially, retailers were hesitant to stock the product because they didn’t know what to make of it. Many threw him out. Online retailers like Flipkart didn’t have a specific category for this product.

But the needle started to move. Organisers of TCS Bangalore Marathon, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon & Airtel Delhi Marathon asked for PeeBuddy. Long-distance women bikers & those with medical conditions became regular users. Physical and online stores started picking up. PeeBuddy sales clocked 7.5 lakh units, and Amazon rating moved up to 4.8.

For Deep, a real problem became a real startup.

Those are the kinds of startups India needs. Thousands of them.