How to succeed as a StartUp entrepreneur in India: 10 lessons

‘चलो StartUp is a 10-episode video series. Inspiring lessons. Start-up stories. How to be a successful entrepreneur/jobs creator in India. Mistakes to avoid.

When I re-engaged with startups as a mentor & angel investor in late 2016 after a 2 year gap, I was flooded with requests. I realised that most of them had similar questions and concerns.

The 10 videos will provide answers to the most common questions usually asked. What business to start? Do it alone or with partners? How easy or difficult is it? Is language, gender or education a barrier? Is funding necessary? Can technology help?

This‘चलो StartUp video series will hopefully inspire 1000s of new start-ups. Millions of jobs will get created when start-ups emerge in cities, towns & villages across India. When people from every background (young or old; men & women; privileged & under-privileged) become start up founders.

A new video will be released every two weeks on this website, on the youtube channel, and Facebook. Stay tuned here at for much more interesting information about these start ups. Post your comments on our Facebook page.