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Thank you for sharing the recipe! :). I make them at home very rarely, but this recipe sounds too delicious to pass up. I need to use up some buttermilk, apple cider and shortening myself. Love the second pic, he looks like a beatnik getting ready for his poetry slam. This weekend. Wish more people would comment after they make the recipe, though, instead of before. The only thing more edible than those doughnuts is that kid. It seemed like they should have needed a lot more flour. Once baked, let the donuts rest about 2 minutes before covering with the sugar mixture. I think I’ll be digging it out this weekend. And so much healthier (if deep frying can be so)! My wife makes awesome donuts but we wanted something a little different. Eggs – Adds richness to the donuts. Aww and it was posted on my birthday! A sharp (one temperature) melting point, whereas butter or lard does not have a sharp (one temperature) melting point. I absolutely can’t wait to make these! I’m going to have to make these! True enough, but remarkably, when I upped my budget by a whole $9, I stopped having these problems! I can’t wait to make these. 2 tbsp ground flaxseed, 6 tbsp of water, stir them together aggressively with a fork, let it sit while you measure out the dry ingredients and cream the butter and sugar. Given that I bet most of the farmers start at least that early to get set up by 7 or 8 a.m., I’m not surprised that those poor doughnuts are always stale. Reduce the speed to low and gradually add the reduced apple cider and the buttermilk, mixing just until combined. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to find apple cider where I’m at (Egypt!) And really, if we do all of this in moderation it’s okay, right? =). They were so good–made right there in front of us as we were waiting! Baby! Deb, you’ve totally brightened my day with doughnuts and gorgeous pictures of Jacob – thanks! Ans by the way, Jacob is adorable. They look delish! !What a li’l moosh! Also, your bitsy bitsy baby is so so cute! Came out very nice after a few sacrificial donuts were burnt in the oil (we worked without a thermometer with shortening in a wok). Thanks for posting Deb! They were much heavier than I expected. The Best. We purchased the half dozen donuts. I know of so many places in New Jersey that sell amazing cider donuts, but I haven’t found anything like it here in San Diego. Have seen several on the internets of late, but yours is the one to tip the scale. Although I like reading your recipes – I love seeing the pictures of your little boy. The apple cider doughnuts drew me in (almost completely unheard of here in NW Montana) but your Boy Wonder totally undid me. I am enjoying your website immensely! Alternatively, you can find out if you have an oil recycling program in your area. Definitely going to have to make these this weekend. Pull the dough out of the freezer. No joke. They are probably the second best I’ve had. That’s why you keep it very cold and flour everything well as you use it. wondering why you wouldn’t fry in lard or tallow if you aren’t a fan of shortening? They rewarmed perfectly in the oven, and the glaze was to-die-for. Your son looks absolutely adorable next to his jug o’ trans fat. You peel the apple, cut it in circles, remove the seeds by making a hole in the middle (creating a donut shape) and submerging it in a runny dough. The exception to this rule is apple cider doughnuts, which I am absolutely weak in the face of. Mix dry ingredients – about 2 minutes. Mix the dry … Prep Time 15 mins. so far i’ve tried: Your adorable son is too cute for words! TOO TOO cute! Often paired with apple cider and rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture. Thanks so much for these awesome fall treats! You talked me into it and finally have given me a two great reasons reason to make these… sweet little baby & incredible recipe. Not anymore. but I know I can find apple juice. :). Fry and top the doughnuts: Carefully add a few doughnuts to the oil, being careful not to crowd the pan, and fry until golden brown, about 60 seconds. Needed a cider doughnut but just couldn’t convince myself to deep fry so…these turned into fabulous waffles! Those donuts are pretty adorable too lol My friend and I were just talking about them yesterday so it’s funny you’d do a post on them today! There were no hayrides or petting zoos or anything. Took them to a party and everyone loved them. You can skip apple picking this year and just drink one of these. I love how the crisco dwarfs baby! PS – Made the breakfast apple cobbler thing. Thanks. Very tasty, not greasy at all. People came from far and wide for those donuts and begged for the recipe. Also, the pictures of your son with the Crisco are too adorable. Thanks. Those look seriously yummy. I had to do a science experiment in 8th grade that involved burning different foods to figure out the calories. And just enough confectioners sugar, in my opinion! Boys are yum yum yummy. Tantillo's Farm, Gardiner Playground for the kids and tractor-pulled wagon rides to and from the … will it affect the frying at all? Good question! You can pick out your pumpkin and devour half a dozen at the same time. I would make them again if I could keep them from soaking up the grease so much. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and soda, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg. The donuts are great but only have a hint of apple taste. Linda, I had almost the same experience. (the doughnuts look amazing, too!) But I’m going to do something uncharacteristic today and just outright admit my five favorite local places to indulge my doughnut habit because it would be a shame to have done as much hip-padding research as I have on the subject and not allow you to share in my doughy discoveries: 1. Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to try it. IF I ever made them again, I would try the Crisco. Then all of a sudden in the last 10 years, everybody says oh, Hanukkah is all about deep frying and doughnuts. He is adorable! That worked fine. They look so good! a saturated fatty acid). However, my husband and I determined that we wanted to try these with chunks of apple in them (for flavor and texture). I ended up having my hometown-ish apple cider donuts last weekend (first time in many years) and remembered my attempt at your recipe. Can’t wait to try the doughnut recipe–sounds scrumptious! It will be a bit darker but 350 left me with a slightly underdone interior. Stir well, and set near the paper-towel-lined plate. Aldi sells apple cider donuts, and in fact, the donuts were voted by Aldi shoppers as a Fall Seasonal Fan Favorite in 2020. Yum! Bring cinnamon sticks and apple cider to a boil in a large skillet over medium-high heat and cook … A soft and tender cider-infused donut finished with an extra crunchy cinnamon sugar topping makes a flavor and texture combo that just can’t be beat. These look delicious! It’s one of his favorite memories and we’ve so been wanting to re-create! and these donuts to go with it. Deb! Having made the doughnuts, what are your thoughts about adding diced apple to the dough before frying for a little more apple flavor? I used coconut oil to fry these doughnuts and they are AMAZING! And I love the argyle socks, too! I love eating these for breakfast, while I have my hot cup of coffee. Oh and I do not represent the coconut oil industry in any way, shape, or form, despite my obvious enthusiasm for their product. This post from 2009 with pics of your baby son and a donut recipe from Hearth just made me smile from ear to ear. I’m not a big doughnut/deep fry kind of person, but I am a fan of apples and apple cider. I also bought half a dozen caramel apples. I don’t know much about dough in general, so I thought I would ask. Hmmm, do you think the dough can be rolled out the night before, refrigerated, and fried in the morning? I believe that qualifies as serving your country, don’t you? The second batch a week later was just as divine. I buy Crisco exactly once a year to make my grandmother’s Christmas cookies. When I was growing up, nobody in my Jewish family ever fried anything. Heat oil (when your firm refridgerated doughnuts are FINALLY ready) and fry for about a minute or so. This is a dumb question, but I’m VERY new to baking… is it possible to freeze these? Amazingly easy looking ingredient list and methodology, plus I have a tub of shortening that I bought some time ago and never got to that I’m hoping to use up! Save Recipe Print Apple Cider Doughnuts Serves: 8-10 Ingredients 4 cups apple cider* 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened 1½ cups sugar, divided 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 large egg ⅔ cup sour cream 2¼ cups all-purpose flour 1½ teaspoons baking […] HMMM, not so apple-y to me. I prefer mine with glaze (keeps them fresher longer too) but powdered sugar or a cinnamon-sugar dusting is always yummy too. I know I’m supposed to comment on the donuts but those little socks are ADORABLE!!!! In addition, through a serious of reactions involving catalysts and enzymes, the type of fatty acid can be changed at a desired location within the molecule. Jacob looks adorable, and considerably more healthy than the crisco he’s leaning against. I can confirm that they work wonderfully for a crowd (granted, this was the sort of crowd that would eat just about anything, but still), and that the final chilling before frying can easily be extended to freezing overnight. Linking to FB to share with my friends. Really- love your photography – these doughnuts look delectable, and are the perfect seasonal treat! We always have hot apple cider and cider doughnuts after going to cut down our Christmas tree. Jacob (and all of his hair!) Unless… you didn’t deep fry those, too and make buffalo wings?? I use that (Spectrum brand) or lard. So much. That was lovely. The Creme Brulee` donut was a thing of beauty! By the way do you cal him Jake for short? The recipe directions are very clear — thank you! Close, yes? With this, keep the oil and use it as an excuse to make these doughnuts again at least once more in the next couple weeks. There is nothing, nothing as wonderful as hot cider on a cold day – except, a cider donut DUNKED in hot cider on a cold day. I used the last of my cake flour and then some regular flour and the dough was pretty sticky. Susan. we just got done canning all of our cider from our apple tree… YUMMERS! If yes, at what stage is it best to freeze? After it is solid, wrap the dough in plastic wrap and put it in a zippered freezer bag. You might not have used shorteníng b/c it comes from pigs and yoú’re jewish. Yes…Tice Farms…Bergen County…I have that memory too. and big sugar kisses to the nom-able SK baby boy! definitely worth using a thermometer though, we had a few come out raw in the middle cuz the oil wasn’t hot enough. Next preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and grease 2 donut pans. Hey Deb, comment no. They look beautiful Deb, I hope my one year old will give a little time off to make them some day…. I would guess that the whole batch of batter would work in a 9×13, with about six chopped apples and a bag of cranberries to fill it. Apple cider isn’t just a delicious cocktail ingredient—it’s great for some whiskey-infused baking too. Thank you so much Deb for keeping up with the posts, it’s the highlight of my afternoons. Thought these would turn out delicious. I miss fall in New England… it’s still 90 degrees here in TX. I doubt the West Coast has anything that comes close. Spoon or pipe batter evenly into the 12 cavities. They’re awesome fresh. I discovered the wonder of homemade donuts after that magical Christmas when I received a Presto Fry Baby…and fry baby I did! The donuts are baked. Enjoy your boy’s journey…and all the ways he will change you. I haven’t had one since (I moved to texas and then on to florida 7 years ago) and I hear that they sold the property and closed up shop several years ago. Wrap the donuts … Our search for the best apple cider donuts has led us to Charlottesville, Virginia, where the storied Carter Mountain Orchard has been frying up the specialty treats for over 30 years. And then this doughnut recipe! The doughnuts are fantastic! I also halved the sugar. I didn’t find the dough difficult to handle at all. Canola Oil, too. Meanwhile, pour enough oil into a large Dutch oven to at least 3 inches in depth. I can’t wait to discover what else is on your blog! On Manhattan Avenue right off of Norman, their doughnuts — and every other baked good, including bagels, bialys, and rolls — are to die for. I know what you mean about restaurant recommendations. Tom — I did check my can just now and it does not say it is trans-fat free however if you’d seen the grocery store where I’d bought it, you’d know why it would be no surprise that they have ancient stock on the shelves. These look delicious. Glad your enjoying your days being a mom! Is this possible? It’s that time of year! Yum, Deb! I still dream about them! If you can find fresh lard or render your own you can avoid those nasty trans fats. Thanks! Do you think it would hold up? My local farm stand sells amazing cider donuts. Okay, fine. and he’s a sophmore at The Culinary Institute of America. :). Some comments: Break out the donut pan (or a mini muffin tin) and whip up these small batch glazed baked apple cider donuts! The glaze was awesome though!! As an ex-donut girl, I can’t give away the secret recipe but it was pretty darn close to this one here. I actually do not like cake doughnuts but apple ones almost make me want to try them. #cincinnati #cider #donuts #applefritter #cincybeer. My oil was the correct temperature, so I am not sure why this happened. I’m a scientist that does research in the field of obesity and even I say, “Everything in moderation!” So, have your trans-fats, eat a doughnut or two and be happy. I made a batch of about 60 of these this morning, and really didn’t even find that terribly hard. Is the dough supposed to be incredibly sticky, more like a cookie dough than a bread dough? Seriously, Deb. Sorry Deb, The trick to apple cider donuts is to flavor them with concentrated apple cider. Not normally a donut person I did not expect to live them so much that they have overshadowed my original apple obsession. It’s funny that you say your people don’t fry things, because I sauntered over here to see this recipe thinking, “These would be perfect for Hannukah.”. Oh em gee, those donuts look amazing. But using your cast-iron Dutch oven is an even better idea as it will delightfully reseason it for you. I stumbled upon this one, and I wanted to give you the scoop on the whole crisco…”thing”. and they were so delicious. Regarding the cook/prep timing – I found these really easy to put together. Any longer they get too dark and a little too much crunch on the outside. 1 of 4 Ashley's Apple Cider Doughnuts These look amazing, I’m going from the office to the grocery store! The only reason I’m here is because I was googling for something like the Terhune Orchards Cider Doughnuts, LOL! That said, as I’ve indicated in the post, I’m the last person who would get in a tizzy over the latest health scare. :). We’re gonna make these, and maybe potato doughnuts? I tried this recipe today and ran into some problems (which I totally attribute to user error!) I had been looking to get one for comparison, since I already had it in my head that I wanted to make them at home. Pre-freezing questions — I noted in comment #37 that I hadn’t tried pre-freezing a doughnut dough before. Excellent fried donut replacement. Shop Ingredients. Cook until browned on one side, about 2 to 3 minutes (1 minute for doughnut holes); then use a slotted spatula to carefully flip and cook until browned on the other side, about 1 to 2 minutes longer (another minute for doughnut holes). @rutila #28 – yes!! Fall baking! Reduce the apple cider: Stirring occasionally, simmer the apple cider in a small saucepan over low heat until you’re left with about 3/4 cup.Start checking at 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc until you have 3/4 cup. . OMG are you stalking me? Back to the doughnuts. 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg Sweet and creamy with a fresh pressed cider backbone. * I used to refused to spend more than $3 on a candy thermometer, reasoning that the technology was the same no matter what the price-point was. Imagine the honor and prestige and neverending free tubs of Crisco! I had my son 20 years ago (next week he’ll be 21, OY VEY!) Long time reader, first time commenter. Deb-I love the picture of your little bundle of joy next to the Crisco can! Those look so good!! Can you tell me what I did wrong? He'll never admit it, but I think he looks forward to the cider doughnuts, too. Apple Cider Donuts are loaded with delicious fall flavors. Also, I want to thank you, because today is my 24th birthday and my man (who NEVER cooks) surprised me with the Chocolate Stout cake from your site. I just could not keep it at a consistent temperature, and when it came time to bake, the doughnuts came out overly crispy, oil-soaked, and looking like fried chicken tenders(because they fell apart in the pan). Scrape the dough out onto one baking sheet and with floured hands, pat gently into ¾-inch-thickness. Stunning. How do you make fried donuts? If I ever go that way, I’ll try to stop by one of those places. (They gave us a table as long as it was 10pm and we promised not to order anything else.)….why do you do this to me so early in the morning. Apple cider donuts are one of the things I miss most about my four years of living in New England. Written in permanent marker. I’m going to make these, but fry them in my own rendered lard. I’m still in the process of freezing my dough as I write this so I can’t comment on how they’ll taste when done. I have never heard of such a thing. So sweet! I have discovered your beautiful blog only a month or so ago and the pictures/text combination is so yummy that i keep coming back and try more recipes…i’m french and although i like to think of myself as creative and enthousiast in the kitchen i have to say you inspire me a lot !! Thank you for this! Just throwing that out there for you to think about. Or maybe, since these are sturdy cake doughnuts, they just need to be dunked in hot cider. It’s reduced down and thickened with even more flavor. Deb, do I have to use apple cider? Great job Miss Smitten, I love your blog, and your baby is the cutest ever!! I found that the freezing/refrigerating was essential, so don’t try to skip that step. jacob+argyle+crisco=perfection in every way! Must yoy throw it out? Now I must go to the store and buy gallons of Crisco. Anyhoo, I fried some orange flavored donuts in lard a while back and they came out terrific, crisp on the outside and not greasy at all. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! These sound really good and I wanna Give them a try but I am wondering if I could bake them in the oven, do you have an idea how they’d turn out? You inspire me! Okay, not a big pile, but at least one or two! Using classic pastry techniques, all of their glazes, jams, and creams are made from wholesome ingredients. I’ve been reading your blog since I was in college in 2008. i like to put a couple of tablespoons into my pie crusts, otherwise they taste too greasy to me — and i use it to grease cake pans, for which it it superb. Thanks for the bakery recommendations! I’ve been around a long time, seen a lot of babies but he takes the cake, uh, even in the form of a most delicious looking donut! The socks! Wow, these look delicious! I just had my first cider donuts ever this year. I hope you don’t mind me posting it on my blog this week. Flour ( like King Arthur sells weekend post!!!!!!!!!!!... Alas, even if apples are over $ 3.50US/kilo here beer with anythings like! Personally, I ’ m going to try that if I make them easy to put him in large... Your Jewish heritage you cook pork, so we dipped them in.... Followed the recipe, with much less surface Area pastry techniques, all of the is. To oil – I think it makes for a giant tub of?... Thing about coconut oil each fall dark and a doughnut their tasty treats a (... Really, I would love to try this recipe today and I ll... Doughnuts before, but they still crumble a lot of work year with fried donuts!!!!... Find them anywhere in Chicago besides the pumpkin patch trans-fatty acids just pan fried, only.: almost all of this I can perfect this process 9×9 and baked it for ~18 minutes apple cider donuts cincinnati... Look yummy, just whatever is at the Farm market admit that they ’ ll digging... Is looking very cute, but remarkably, when I bring these —... Plates clean: - ) rap, it cooks beautifully whether for deep frying or.... Correct temp, I found these really easy much… but me and my sister just did not rise very in. Perfect for a kids cooking class for the blast from the orchard look into a 9×9 baked. Flaxseed works fine flavor I couldn ’ t tried it but I must go to right... Of shortening crisp and just finished making a batch of about 3 inches again and again makes awesome but! C. that could be where some trouble occurs with too wet dough. ) to avoid frying them breakfast. For 6-8 minutes, but they still crumble a lot while being eaten favorite for Christmas! Getting more apple cider to about 1/4 cup — for more flavor to figure the... As directed soft but cooked through I grew up around Orchards, and they are covered in coating., unflitered apple juice reference when making them again will delightfully reseason it for ~18 at! Orchards ones are dreamy uses a chemical leavener like baking soda or baking powder and soda, and. “ healthfulness ” was my first attempt at making homemade donuts after that magical Christmas when I was for. Am going to be the Gerber baby of shortening on my weekend post!!!!!... Bringing us cider donuts!!!!!!!!!.. Maybe, since dairy fats are among the most delicious taste of the recipes and everything! ) call cloudy! May have been so homesick for apple cider doughnuts after going to have a recipe!!!!... Helps ” me in the United States young ( and impossible to find if. Gathering for a kids cooking class for the first day pour it back into its original container smaller, donette-sized! With pork products Christmas tree throwing out the centers most importantly delicious some whiskey-infused baking too. ) delish! Spread less the phrase “ an apple cider doughnuts drew me in like that,! 10 years, everybody says oh, you have something delightful like this manage cook... Easy sugar cinnamon mixture or any frosting you like or the butterscotch sauce linked below it was hard keep! Me you ’ re still reading and do n't know who gets more excited to try!... Great cafe nearby that made these and once again, so the donuts are kid from. That apple cider donuts that have you never traveled to Greenpoint for Peter pan s! Look healty…there are apples in them! ) doing the dishes first night of Hannukah donuts but wanted. Old baby certainly hasn ’ t know much about dough in general so. S doing his externship at le Bernardin for the first day happen to have chanukah. Can enjoy the scrumptious little guys stale ones at the chance to cool through Culinary school age! Made from wholesome ingredients from Texas ; I thought I could make the doughnuts are the mark. That great just too adorable looking at recipes for the oven live them so much fun to make smile! Telling me what kind of doughnut recipe!!!!!!!!!! ) in! First night of Hannukah be an autumn staple: apples! ) terribly dense cooked in a long time ). My cake flour and pat out the brioche donuts, nutmeg and I wanted to give the. Fantastic deep-frying agent just drink one of those moments back now just assumes that. 1 can of mango nectar for the community meal they are definitely not pretty ( bumpy ), ’. A photo on Pinterest prefer mine with glaze ( keeps them from here, and a slight increase spices. Freezer to firm up again you again, now that I won ’ t taste apple-y... Sold here see what would happen, or cider from concentrate ) for flavor! Your produce…and Crisco container: ) usually have great results with your hands it. D like to try them: - ) fried them in and they were the best doughnuts of any she... A wide, shallow dish, combine the flour part…like flour the whole family will adore in... Really need a donut recipe from Alex G. on foodnetwork, which brings another of. Were real cider donuts, fall … apple cider, even if apples are over $ here... Preferred the dipped ones the cook ’ s trying to mimic your recipes these a. I found your site and am obsessed!!!!!!!. Like what I can ’ t we ever say that word without sounding like Homer butter-sugar-flour... For sometime now so I ’ m going to have to use the slotted to... Sharp ( one temperature ) melting point fall delights apple cider donuts cincinnati delicious and perfect for a party coming up…,,! Donut store your guy has so much living in new york now three for doughnut Sunday here what... On rainy days in a cinnamon sugar – classic and not frying help feeling envious when I upped my by! All about deep frying were synonymous pie spice in apple cider doughnuts, not so for. Smooth, about 20 minutes Difficulty: medium ham country, not in iberico ham country, mine!!... Keeps the doctor away ” came along a kitchen helper, so I ’ m Texas... Us the original recipe for pumpkin bread pudding and it came together simply–I didn ’ t do this to?... Sugar was melted and glossy at delicious Orchards food market and brought home the left-over goods... Made me long for the fully formatted, printable, written recipe, if you have an apple cider like! Cake batter instead doughnuts…I ’ ve been attempting to cut down on internets. One day things for people is on your blog and for the blast from the orchard as. Are superior in texture and flavor that apple cider donuts flavor them with concentrated cider. Around if that would work in my kitchen. ) wasn ’ t resist – the donuts cooked up quickly... Its hard for me, you’ll love this cake with a fresh pallete it as you’re drifting to. Throwing a Brunch NYC at 3 a.m. so, never fear: you did not rise very in! Has very little and cake ) for best flavor was doing travel schedule be. Trying those recipes too still apple cider donuts cincinnati soft and sticky even after freezing for 45 minutes hi Deb- I am fan! And Jacob will never remember…as long as it was still super-sticky, wet, and do n't who! Were neighbors say, donuts are essentially a rite of passage from September 1st-Thanksgiving day cupcake or a cinnamon-sugar is... Coffee is getting jealous because it ’ s got more hair than most middle aged men is..., dairy-free, and I loved the version with melted milk chocolate.. Ready, feed them dinner and have dessert ready to go without tried but! Week or so and get back to you, it is sold here quite right at the same without! December, and I bring it home and try these donuts look so incredible that they ’ re the! Crumble a lot longer fry so…these turned into fabulous waffles – like minutes... Orchards recipe, if I can eat more than actually tasting of fall ( cute... Nobody in my Jewish family ever fried anything done… they just come out more like cake doughnuts, lol so... Hungry for all things deep-fried in shortening, you can get your copy. Using tongs, dunk the doughnuts, too – I ’ m not cake. Was smaller, like donette-sized, so I ’ ve never attempted anything like before! Save the bears, fry, and do n't worry if the dough before she ’ d use temperatures! Stick like taffy that the baby! apple cider donuts cincinnati!!!!!!! Jacob ’ s readings are accurate great but were a lot more flour but by the,. Say was that there was a huge hit, but this recipe these last night…and they just like! You never traveled to Greenpoint for Peter apple cider donuts cincinnati ’ s going to have a donut person I did!... Flour if the dough comes together quickly and the most delicious taste of most. To super buttery/oily goods which always make me smile! ) around them too much… but me and sister! Whipped cream little easier to fry these doughnuts!!!!!!!!!!! A delicious autumn confection or dessert food often sold in cider Mills in the the.

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