Har Ghar StartUp! (Every home can be a startup)

Charu Nanda was fond of baking. When her kids went to senior school,her hobby became part-time home business. ‘Charu Nanda’s Home Baked Cakes’ quickly became popular. Her daughter, Bani Nanda, observed her and started ‘Miam’, a Patisserie specializing in modern cakes & pastries. Mom & daughter share a kitchen at home, and help each other. But they run their own businesses. Episode-4 of ‘चलो StartUp’ features this inspirational  mother-daughter duo. Every woman can create a home business. Around food, teaching, music, dance, yoga, literally anything. The time is now. Har Ghar Start Up! 

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Also at www.ChaloStartUp.com

With International Women’s Day coming up soon, this episode is dedicated to great women entrepreneurs I know. And others who want to be.