#Break your #corporate #handcuffs! (Never too late to do a startup)

@ArunNagpal had an itch. To prove to himself that he could #succeed outside the safe world of working in large #corporates. Finally, when he was 52, he took the plunge.

By creating #Mrida Group, which provides a range of services (electrification, livelihoods, education, etc.) to #rural #India, Arun has derived enormous satisfaction. Skills learnt in corporate world have been put to good use.

Arun has some sound #advice for others who dream of breaking free from corporate world. He believes it’s never too late to make this switch, but you have to be prepared to #adjust to the new #life.

Episode-5 of चलो StartUp features this #inspirational entrepreneur.  Who has shown it’s never too #late to do a startup. “चला CORPORATE START-UP बनने”

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