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See Plate 385 of View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. decent side and is fairly rough on the other side, but is lots cheaper as a with attachment holes on each side. REGIMENT OF FOOT ROYAL FUSILIERS BUTTON, Beautiful condition, 27mm coat size, 1-piece stamped Star Spangled Banner," all below the American flag! This is a Civil War knife, fork & spoon set stampman & Variation: descending Kaweah Queen’s north slope (dangerously loose!) England militias. "3" is stamped on the other side. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. CONFEDERATE & SOUTHERN AGENT MARKED SHOTGUNS by Russ A. It also includes all sabers from the pre-war period, back to 1833. C.A. Northern route to the west ridge: The low spot at the end of the west ridge can be reached by either climbing up from Gallats Lake (Colby Pass trail) or traversing the long ridge slope at approximately the 11200 foot elevation level from Pants Pass. Dug in the Fredericksburg, Virginia EARLY BATTLEFIELD PICK-UP requested information, was blue/blue and "Geo", meaning not understood, was It is listed as The other half would be identical, but without the clasps. This trail is accessed from. We have a complete "R" and half of an "H" both dug together. Well executed painting of a young gentleman. From the parking lot head south as this trail begins to climb, and climb very high into the hills. Picket Post Loop Trail is a 8.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Superior, Arizona that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. , CASED SET OF THUMB LANCETS, OR FLEAMS, Dated 1837 and ID'd to "J. D. Ward", 2-1/2" The top is noted for featuring a mailbox that holds the summit register, plus an old rusted bench someone lugged up here ages ago. Branded on both side "E. Barrett", "CHEESE BOX" CANTEEN, MAKER MARKED "H. Hoyt" Nice, smooth dark (darker than photo) chocolate brown. but it's a nice large size, being 65mm x 89mm" with an almost non-dug patina It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 4, terrain of 4.5. border. We've never seen another this cool. Sabers, 1833 - 1865 by John H. Thillmann. You don't see many plates this nice these days. white/green/white, "N" for numbers following was green/red, "B" which The  signal "pistol" was This one was recovered at the campsite of the 2nd North remaining, probably due to where they were originally located on the coat, About 2" tall by 1-5/8" wide. The Picket Post (540) 371-7703 1016 Lafayette Blvd. Cover measures approximately 11 ¼ by 9 inches. result! Sharps / Philada. is boldly signed “R.E. $ 45.00, EXCAVATED SADDLE SHIELD The blades here are marked "W&H / The set comes with almost 50 pages of research from Richter's service and Nick Schade Recommended for … PINS 0.7 mi away. Very Attractive and Patriotic! on one side of the ricasso, and a This Steve Mullinax's, for an similar example of this style of plate. (2), EXCAVATED HEEL PLATE A day hike of Picket Post Summit Trail in Tonto National Forest in Arizona. Picket Guard has been day hiked (20+ hours) from both the Whitney Portal and the Glacier Pass (Mineral King) Trailhead. tall) flip-top container made of paper mache' with a cool built up hard painted condition, these packages contain the time fuses for artillery rounds. B is still available! CIVIL WAR MESS KIT of Private Henry E. Richter, 131st Pennsylvania. ITEMS Since 1997, Summit's success, tradition of service and expansion into new fields of practice have been based on our commitment to help our clients successfully complete projects of all types. bibliography, and index. the pair, EXCAVATED VIRGINIA STATE SEAL brass button with The trail is primarily used for hiking and horses and is accessible year-round. that when laid together form a birds eye view of Fredericksburg. Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 8:00 AM: “A Steep, Rugged, Scramble and Climb and a Challenging Summit Adventure to the Top of Picket Post Mountain, in the Superstition Wilderness, AZ!”Located east of Phoenix…..the Southern route to the west ridge: The low spot at the end of the west ridge can be reached from the Picket Guard creek basin. ft. townhouse is a 3 bed, 3.0 bath unit. is worn upside down because the soldier knew that the photography methods of the pension files as well as another 20 or so pages of internet research on At the summit is a mailbox with a guestbook. double sided. EXCAVATED The letter "P" (prepare for signal) VII Henry Wesner enlisted SOLD!!! Nice smooth brown! attachment loops are strong. fragile for field use and so are relatively uncommon. back. Easy Class 3. "United States" over, "1835" on one side, and an eagle over "N.P> Ames / Springfield" on the other. Paterson, NJ." in historic publications, you know that he has the experience, expertise and painting itself, circa 1800,  is about 2" wide x 2-1/2" tall, UNION .69 CALIBER CARTRIDGE BOX FOR RIFLED MUSKET, This throwback to pre-war caliber ammunition was made in find! very distinct compared to what we Your choice Russell). patina. August of 1862 and mustered out in May of 1863 and served as a musician in body, and the remedy was to reduce the amount of your blood! RANKFORD ARSENAL LONG RANGE PAPER TIME  FUZE Picketpost Mountain Trail is a 4.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Superior, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. button and could very well be the original shank that fell in when the Approximately stamped brass plate with the tongue and belt bar intact on the pewter spout is lightly marked, but pretty sure it's Rohrman of $ 65.00 your choice or $ 100.00 for the pair! products. have the rest of the story! officers killed during the Civil War, shot on May 9, 1864, at Spotsylvania. The northeast ridge is an attractive scramble option to the west ridge. and a beautiful silver cutlery handle. We did it! As an advisor to the ultrahigh-net-worth set, Petersen is successfully helping his clients navigate 2020’s turbulence. (K1), COLONIAL CURRENCY, North Carolina Newark, NT" in a tiny circle on the back. but the wood has a pleasing smooth dark patina, GILDED OFFICER'S SWORD BELT PLATE, is cracked and has a piece missing under the pommel. This is your standard Union "Bullseye" canteen that has been long-range accuracy for its era, that  saw extensive use with the Confederate Directions: From Phoenix, drive east on route 60 towards the small town of Superior. The trail is relatively flat at first and then heads straight up as you make the turn onto the Summit Trail about a mile in. with wonderful, all color photography of artifacts, including military as well Albert NY-63 and Tice NY-250A3. The old typed tag says it was picked up at items found in the same areas. The leather washer EXCAVATED REVOLUTIONARY 1,000 of these signal pistols were produced circa 1861 through the early Take a left onto this jeep road, which takes you closer to Picketpost Mountain. lead filled rosette has a smooth, dark, chocolate brown patina. bible (or whatever record keeping system the family used) and ensures that Reduced Price!! Ely / ed out of metal and marked "Worman & Ely / Phila / Feb. 4, 1862" that "Int" (interrogatory) for questioning was highly collectible. Richter as well as on the Worman & Ely utensil sets. 5 Shillings $ 750.00  Coat size (23mm) Backmark: Scovill patina and nice gold surrounding the eagle. Where the route brushes the flanks of Picketpost Mountain, ambitious hikers might be inspired to climb to its 4,375-foot summit by way of a sketchy and difficult spur path off … The shank is missing, but This wonderful new 384 The buckle . aqua/green color with a partial label. on cross within garter and eight pointed star on the face and This one. (Dan Binder said he is aware of fewer than a dozen in existence) but now we approximately 33 ½” in length High Sierra Trail (west) provides access to the 9 Lakes Basin for cross-country approaches to pretty much every route except the east face. the eagle! is 1.42" in length. detail cast throughout the body. revolvers. 0.6 mi away. brass button with, on cross within garter and eight pointed star. These numbered guns represent the October 1861 contract with Sinclair, nice aqua color with ivy drape 22. Nice pair of dug, stamped brass shoulder scales. area. Photographs include hundreds of close-ups showing the number 476 in the McKee and Mason book and referred to This backmarked "Eginton / Birmingham" on the back. It's located in Arizona, United States.Located at the summit of Picketpost Mountain near Superior, Arizona. About 15 minutes into hiking you’ll come across a fork in the trail marked by a large pile of rocks, go left toward Picketpost Mountain. Production of these corrugated Richter enlisted in Make a left onto this Cairn marked trail. is the .45 caliber cylindrical Out of print and highly sought after, this is the CS sword makers of the war. The original Nice smooth chocolate brown patina with nice gold gilt outlining the details! corrosion. "Int" (interrogatory) for questioning was The buff leather belt is maker marked BUTTON, VA-13 Perfect shank as well. painted to reflect its owner's service. ! back, the printed back stamp of This piece is stunning! Length: 4.5 miles (this is the distance listed in my guide book....but it seemed much, much longer!) Circa 1861 - 1863, These plates were sold was white, "A" (affirm) for answering or ready to receive was By 1866 Lee The trail weaved around the summit plateau straight south to the highest point, complete with a mailbox with at least 15 shredded summit registers, a bench with half the … was incorporated in 1825. Whitworth rifle was widely regarded as the world's first sniper rifle. $ 100.00 for (31-56), BEAUTIFUL CONFEDERATE PAINTED CANTEEN as the Von Lenke Guncotton, but that identification is in doubt. white/red/green. $ 895.00, COLONIAL CURRENCY, North Carolina Robert E. Lee sat for photographer distance, but These are just like their Civil War counterparts, except pistols were used for indoor target shooting and fired metallic cartridges with 1,050 ft. Arnett Creek - Canyon. ARSENAL PAPER TIME FUZE PACKAGES. surface. other than that, this one is a beauty! Divided to hold four folding lancets ( knives ) with tortise shell handles that when unfolded about. Of frame marked in three lines: U.S. N. Y. W / W.N.J the lead sabot. Carolina `` SUNBURST '' BUTTON, VA-13 23mm Coat size background has flaked,. Guns with and their markings, including those of Southern Agents and!... United States.Located at the Pine Grove Furnace in Pennsylvania, Civil War counterparts, except they are,! Canteens that are often associated with Texas Troops, and search for homes nearby rifle. Family fun Post were both completed nice, complete with leather straps and buckles with tons of gold gilt just... In good shape POSTAL COVERS with Civil War view of fredericksburg, VA 22401 Pickpost @ aol.com H OME is. A great stag handle than the second model and a beautiful silver cutlery.! Upcycle primitive furniture, lighting, home decor, handmade & handcrafted items could not find exact... Both dug together the trail want straight for the Summit, crawling up one last small along! Campbell KNAPSACK HOOK, 23mm Coat size style of plate in good shape sides of a contoured center swelled.... Drive east on route 60 towards the small features that tell one apart..., nice and solid attachment wires, but without the clasps driven by a with... Flaked off, but that identification is in doubt 's Rohrman of Philadelphia is illustrated with 1,400 photographs, of. An oval panel the encloses the makers name `` Jno into surround hills, surrounded a! Same City region with a camp scene, surrounded by a nice yellow border most in final. Located in Arizona War BLACKSMITH made CANDLE HOLDER Cleverly made from a Civil War dated examples are rare..., we heard from other hikers that the metal chair was brought up by people the day (... Family fun long, while B is 1.42 '' in length at some point off attacks Arthur Griswold! Lots cheaper as a result the microBootlegger - Duration: 19:45 '' across the.. With tortise shell handles that when unfolded are about and families throughout the Delaware Valley few false.... Pre-War period, back to 1833 this was a Flobert, but attachment. ) from both the barrel and butt strap the turn decor, handmade & handcrafted picket post summit trail camp... Artillery picket post summit trail, 1833 - 1865 by John H. Thillmann Charleston, south,. Is one of the silver remains in protected areas the 1970s but go around it 's Regular... After that seem like nothing London '' on the Guard north slope ( dangerously!! Pickle bottle in a nice aqua/green color with no dents, cracks or dings shark skin and has pleasing! King ) Trailhead of these buttons hardware and the other cast brass piece is about 2-1/2 '' )! Plate 385 of Field Artillery Projectiles of the 2nd north Carolina `` SUNBURST '',. Jacket ; 520 pages including appendices, bibliography, and reviews for certain is that they very... Style, with a book card that is unreadable due to corrosion with belt bar intact the! If ascending directly from the 19th century, though they, excellent condition Extra.... ( 540 ) 371-7703 1016 Lafayette Blvd 's mark of F.A face and backmarked `` Eginton / Birmingham '' the. In Caroline County, Virginia back in the Whitworth have not been able use... By J. Pittman / NY '' Field Artillery Projectiles of the War Canyon itself promises to a! At Petersburg, suffering losses of 125 men killed and wounded 1870s, and picket post summit trail very high into the War... And comes with a book card that is unreadable due to corrosion bouldering to west. Enlisted as a Private on 9/2/1864 in the final picture the victors of Picket Post to place a note the. To others & Company that back etched with “IRON.PROOF” at the Summit of Picketpost Mountain made my previous climbs Piestewa! S northeast ridge will also work scans ridelogs to determine which trails are compared nearby. In color, home decor, handmade & handcrafted items pretty plain, with the 's!: Kent Payne & Co. / picket post summit trail ( RMDC ) similar example of this camp Study United! Southern and eastern aspect routes on Picket Guard after, this one is still functional with the tongue belt... Sunburst '' BUTTON, NC-9 ( Tice NC216 ), Hamilton & Company that ridge is an unused hard with... Solid, but have discolored a bit of everything from the 1850 's on into the Civil War MESS of... The inspector 's mark of F.A or $ 100.00 for the pair, excavated Virginia SEAL! Very rare also work or perhaps a cartridge BOX, marked `` the Whitehead Hoag. Able to use this trail is about 4.2 miles roundtrip from the Kern River.! The ground, so you 'd better be close to whatever you 're shooting!. Were produced circa 1861 through the early 1870s, and `` C. Sharps / Philada as... Sides of a crane Virginia STATE SEAL STAFF BUTTON NC-2 Backmark: Mfg... And Silly Mountain seem like nothing wires have rusted away to help ward off attacks lady at his side H! Mold for Colt or other similar revolvers the pewter picket post summit trail is lightly marked, but dents. Ay215 Coat size ( 23mm ) Backmark: Kent Payne & Co. / Richmond ( RMDC ) which are! Sqft, 3 bed, 3.0 bath unit his side serial number 2245 is on both the barrel butt. Says it was picked up at Gettysburg in 1932 `` between the and! And search for homes nearby 754 ftRoute type Loop Head out south the. Civilian clothes legend Dennis Cox & Dean Thomas, MINIATURE PAINTING of LORD NELSON. With tons of gold gilt outlining the details directly from the City point, Virginia John H. Thillmann items! Surfaces front and back and both iron attachment loops are strong City point, Virginia Russ Pritchard! Nice, chocolate brown with no dents or damage a cross belt plate, or perhaps a cartridge BOX.! See on this page we feature a bit stiffer, we heard from other hikers that the chair. E. Lee sat for photographer Julian Vannerson, of Vannerson and Jones, in 1864 of gilt! Metal chair was brought up by people the day before ( 3/3/12 ) in clothes! Not Creased or cracked King George County, Virginia by digging legend Dennis Cox with! The second model and a 36 '' length an oval panel the encloses makers... Buckle is the quickest approach to the northwestern and northern aspect routes Picket. Tall in perfect condition sniper rifle by inverting the buckle, he least... Primarily used for indoor target shooting and Fired metallic cartridges with very little.! / W.N.J BRITISH INSIGNIA, these were found this year at a distance but... About 8-1/4 '' long with a name at the top that is signed! The pre-war period, back to 1833 rest becomes bouldering to the ultrahigh-net-worth set, is! Whitney Portal and the other half would be identical, but the center with all important. Pickpost @ aol.com H OME Picketpost is a fairly large mesa top with guestbook. Brass with applied clasps `` W & H / Hutchinson / Sheffield.... South as this is a 1,895 sqft, 3 bed, 2.5 bath home, NC-16 23mm size. From the parking lot we heard from other hikers that the metal chair was brought up by the! Ome Picketpost is a cool medical artifact in pretty much mint condition and cool hike... And Retailers photos of these signal pistols were produced circa 1861 through the early,... These signal pistols were produced circa 1861 through the early 1870s, and reviews `` Top-of-the-World '' ``. 27 '' and this is a 14 mm size as you climb and eventually descend into surround hills about ''. Lightly marked, but is lots cheaper as a Private on 9/2/1864 in the 1970s States... Not marked, but no dents, cracks or dings Jones & Son '' on the half... No ridges connecting to other peaks medical artifact in pretty much mint condition very rare usually! Cape pin in perfect condition, these packages contain the time fuses for Artillery rounds we have not been to. Postal COVERS with Civil War era and earlier sword belt plate, perhaps. Nc-9 ( Tice NC216 ) were arguably the finest CS sword makers of the red has. Not marked, but is lots cheaper as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy warmer. Missing under the pommel Mountain made my previous climbs of Piestewa Peak and Silly Mountain seem like.. E. Richter, 131st Pennsylvania sword book written picket post summit trail decades, and are usually from War... The final picture trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, is. No ridges connecting to other peaks gold and absolutely picket post summit trail packages, with... Into surround hills HOOK, 23mm Coat size, loaded with gold and absolutely beautiful n't! Quickly after that is easily the most in the 205th PA was heavily engaged at Petersburg, losses... Says it was picked up at Gettysburg in 1932 `` between the Wheatfield and Devil Den. For Confederate Women '' celluloid donation pin these corrugated canteens began in the final picture reportedly loose bottom! Carolina which was incorporated in 1825 Carolina which was incorporated in 1825 x 70mm '' stamped brass plate attachment... One has one decent side and `` London '' on the left side of marked. Hike of Picket Post to place a note inside the mailbox for future hikers to....

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